National Qualifier at the Karolyi Ranch, scheduled for July 4-5, 2013
Congratulations to  Maile O'Keefe  to Qualify
International Elite 2013 in this event.
On July 27, Maile will compete the Secret U.S. Classic held at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Ill.
The Secret U.S. Classic is the final women's qualifying event for the 2013 P&G Gymnastics Championships,
USA Gymnastics' national championships, scheduled for Aug. 15-18 in Hartford, Conn


BRESTYAN LAS VEGAS 2014 Hosted by Salcianu Gymnastics Team

7-9 February 2014


ACADEMY of Gymnastics and Dance is one the most complete facility in the valley with over 20,000 square feet of gymnastics and cheerleading equipment, dance and music studios, including trampolines, tumble tracks (20 and 40 feet), foam pit,  cheer area including a full competition spring floor as well  and 120 ft of mirrored walls in every studio. ACADEMY of Gymnastics and Dance offers classes in al disciplines mentioned above,  taught by the most experienced staff around. We also have the most comfortable parent viewing areas with , wireless internet, and a full service snack bar and pro shop to meet all of your needs.
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ACADEMY of Gymnastics and Dance welcomes all children who have a desire to make gymnastics a part of their lives. Programs for all ages and levels are designed to nurture each gymnast, leading to satisfaction and personal rewards that come from accomplishment and being fit. ACADEMY of Gymnastics and Dance is known as one of the best of the nation, emphasizing serious, professional training. We realize that there are other students who are not necessarily preparing as elite gymnasts. These students also are encouraged to participate for the fun and fitness of gymnastics and see where it can lead. We have the expertise to guide them at every level. Children as early as walking-age can start in our recreational classes, where they learn fine and gross motor skills, balance and movement.

Gymnastics is a weight-bearing sport as many of the skills are based on being able to support the weight of the body in different positions. This training develops muscular flexibility, coordination and endurance, and also contributes to high bone density. This is an important factor in preventing osteoporosis later in life. Gymnastics also contributes to all-around body strength as it is symmetrical sport. Most skills require the same level and strength of output from both sides of the body, avoiding unequal development which can luster be the cause of skeletal and muscular problems. ACADEMY of Gymnastics and Dance we have the experience and coaching to take a child from recreational to elite, if he/she so desires. We treat gymnastics as much more than just a sport. Our Coaches aims to enhance each gymnast's physical, mental and personal development through teamwork, performance in competitions, and by creating an environment that encourages personal friendships.
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